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“A first aid kit for banjo players. Feels right, ..looks right …and helps you play right.“

Developed over countless hours our armrest can help you get the correct position for your arm and hand with a lot more comfort and control. Easy to fit and constructed of the best material and finish it will also make an attractive addition to your banjo. Play left handed banjo? Dr. Arm works for you too!

This armrest is also ideas for players with small arms or players who are looking for a lower profile armrest.

The Dr. Arm GT is made especially for the Deering Goodtime banjo. It is also a good fit on vintage banjos with an 11″ head and 16, 18 or 24 hooks (brackets).

Made in the Czech Republic, Europe.

Kit included: armrest, screws, screwdriver and instructions how to install.
prices start at: $64


“I was in search for a banjo armrest for my Deering Goodtime banjo and found The Dr. Arm GT online at Banjolit and ordered it. When I received the Dr. Arm GT it came in a nice and neat little box with the armrest, hardware, allen wrench, and instructions. Installation was a cinch, took about 2-3 minutes. It was a perfect fit. Workmanship is well done and clean. Nice and smooth. I love my Dr. Arm GT so much that I bought a second one for my Deering Goodtime banjo ukulele. Thanks Banjolit!!”

banjo player from California, USA


“I am absolutely delighted with all aspects – the armrest is superbly made and protected in its magnificent packaging. Fit and finish are flawless and as for the main reason for buying, namely to give my right hand a fair chance of picking the banjo, comfort is just amazing.  All banjos need to be fitted with these armrests as essential equipment.  I could not be more pleased.  Now back to practicing those tricky rolls…..”

banjo player from United Kingdom (UK)

“I was so satisfied with my first Dr Arm (Mahogany) purchase that I asked Richard if Banjolit could custom make a Dr Arm GT (Mahogany) for my 18 hook mahogany banjo. They were happy to do this for me, great customer service. As with my original purchase this GT armrest is also made from nice quality wood, smooth to touch, easy to install and fits my 18 hook banjo perfectly. Again, I recommend this product without hesitation.”

banjo player from United Kingdom (UK)

“Just like the other one, it was simple to attach and is very comfortable. I have tried every type of armrest; yours are the most comfortable, as well as the best looking.”

banjo player from Oregon, USA

“Luckily Banjolit also offers the Dr. Arm GT version for the Deering Gootime banjos. The Dr. Arm GT is built with high precision and neatly fits to the Banjo’s tension ring. A mounting hardware clamps it down and keeps it in place. I soon discovered, that the wooden armrest not only looks good but is also very comfortable to play with.”

banjo player from Switzerland, Europe

“I’m extremely satisfied! It’s beautiful and compliments my banjo extremely well. I don’t feel the normal pain on my arm anymore. This purchase was totally worth it. Thanks for making an amazing product!!!”

banjo player from Utah, USA

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From Frank Graeff (Maple)

From Anthony Sullivan (Mahogany)

From Lukas Schauber (Maple Custom)

From Josh Knell (Maple Custom)

From Giles Coker (Mahogany)

From Robert Minato (Mahogany)