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    “A first aid kit for banjo players. Feels right, ..looks right …and helps you play right.“

    Developed over countless hours our armrest can help you get the correct position for your arm and hand with a lot more comfort and control. Easy to fit and constructed of the best material and finish it will also make an attractive addition to your banjo. Play left handed banjo? Dr. Arm works for you too!

    Dr. Arm Original Banjo Armrest will fit on standard bluegrass banjo tension hoop with an 11″ head and 24 hooks (brackets).

    Made in the Czech Republic, Europe.

    Kit includes: armrest, screws, screwdriver and instructions how to install.
    prices start at: $64


    “Dr. Arm has made playing banjo way more enjoyable for me. Being a professional musician that spends most of my time playing, I needed an armrest solution that would keep my hand in the correct position, not cause pain after hours of playing, and give me enhanced mobility when changing arm positions. Dr. Arm was that solution and I’m incredibly happy with it’s results. Highly recommended.”

    banjo player, teacher, USA

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    “I using wooden armrest from DR. ARM about four months and I am very satisfied. Hand contact with the wood is far more pleasant than metal and what is most important: the angle of attack for the forearm is very comfortable and not pressured so much on the tendons. Playing with wooden armrest from Dr. Arm is far more comfortable.”

    banjo player from Black Jack band, CZ

    “About a week ago I received a mahogany armrest that I purchased from Banjolit for an old banjo that I take everywhere with me because it is lightweight and just fits me. I put on the armrest in about 30 seconds and was amazed with how nice and comfortable it was. I really like the way it feels and puts my hand in a nice position to pick. I hang my banjos on the wall and now it is also nicer to look at. Thanks for a great product.”

    banjo player from California, USA

    “After receiving my Dr. Arm banjo armrest, I installed it on my banjo and immediately noticed its superiority to a metal armrest. I play jazz and classical with a pianist, so I incorporate a lot of unusual playing styles into my music. After hours of playing, I can safely say that the Dr. Arm banjo armrest accommodates any playing style I could throw at it, and makes playing much more comfortable and enjoyable.”

    banjo player from Tennessee, USA

    “These wooden armrests from Banjolit are fantastic. Just received one this week from Richard Cifersky in Europe, and love it. Super comfortable and looks great. (I have the mahogany). I have in the past had banjos with wooden armrests (Nechville and Ome) which were also great…but this one is my favorite. The profile seems to be a little smaller than the Nechville which I prefer. Shipping only took about a week and Richard’s customer service was great.”

    banjo player from Illinois, USA

    “I received my Dr Arm (Mahogany) from Banjolit a few weeks ago and can say that after hours of picking I am really happy with my purchase. The armrest is made from nice quality wood, smooth to touch, easy to install and fits perfectly. It has a slim comfortable profile and I think it enhances the overall appearance of my banjo. During long playing sessions I no longer have to play through distractions like pain or discomfort, caused by resting my forearm on the standard type armrest. With Dr Arm I can play comfortably and can concentrate entirely on my playing. I recommend Dr Arm without hesitation. I was so satisfied that I subsequently purchased a Dr Arm GT for my 18 hook banjo, custom made in mahogany.”

    banjo player from United Kingdom (UK)

    “My Dr. Arm banjo armrest works perfectly for me. It is so comfortable and solid, my arm rests effortlessly on the ergonomic profile designed by the Banjolit team, and of course it is really attractive to look at on my banjo. I fully recommend it to any banjo player, especially if you play for long periods of practice or on-stage.”

    banjo player and teacher from Spain

    “Last winter I purchased a Deering Calico plectrum banjo, and began playing Dixieland and 1920s traditional jazz. When the weather warmed up, I played with short sleeves, but found that I had to spend a bit of time cleaning and polishing the metal armrest after I played. My search for a different armrest led me to the Dr. Arm banjo armrest. I ordered the Maple Custom armrest. The armrest has a silky smooth finish and beautifully complements the look of the banjo. It is comfortable to play, and I think it improves my arm position above the banjo head. I ended up ordering a second Maple armrest for an open back banjo.”

    banjo player from MO, USA

    “When I first tried the “Dr. ARM” armrest, I found myself unable to separate myself from my banjo! After years of using the classic chrome armrest, and sticking to it all summer long when switching my right hand position away from the bridge, the “Dr. Arm” is a fantastic solution. With “Dr. Arm”, I don’t have any problem going from my bright tone to dark tone. And, the “Dr Arm even has a more comfortable angle at the point of contact, which makes my banjo and my performances a joy to play! For me, another big advantage over the standard armrest is that I no longer have to suffer through an uncomfortable and itchy allergic reaction to prolonged contact with the chrome finish. The “Dr. Arm” truly has healed me. I highly recommend this armrest!
    There’s a just no better way than “Dr. ARM”!

    banjo player from Poutníci band, SK

    “I really like the way that my custom maple armrest looks on my banjo! It is very comfortable on my arm and wrist. No more sticking to that chrome armrest! It was so easy to install, it took about 15 minutes. I am very satisfied with this product as well as the service I received from the Dr Arm staff.”

    banjo player from California, USA

    “I love my maple armrest from Banjolit! It’s smooth and comfortable and looks great too. I get questions and compliments on it every time I open my case. Thanks Richard!”

    banjo player from Tennessee, USA

    Just got this today. Fantastic. I haven’t used any other custom armrests, but I am loving this one. It is extremely smooth and is shaped perfectly for my arm. Highly recommended!

    banjo player from West Virginia, USA

    I love the Dr. Arm banjo armrest! It makes playing for extended periods much more comfortable. I used to get pain in my lower forearm after gigs and jams before I used it. I’ve tried other armrests, but this design is ideal. It just feels great under your arm. Several of my banjo students now also use them with great results. I highly recommend it!

    banjo player and teacher from New York, USA

    I have an old Japanese Ibanez Banjo that looks very nice – except for the armrest, which over time became scratched and stained. This was the initial motivation to buy one of Banjolit’s beautiful wooden Dr. Arm armrests. I soon discovered, that the wooden armrest not only looks good but is also very comfortable to play with. It supports the arm in an ergonomic position and its smooth surface allows an easy glide along the strings between the bridge and the fingerboard. Soon I also wanted a Dr. Arm armrest for my other “baby banjo”.

    banjo player from Switzerland (Europe)

    ”This is a wonderful armrest, it makes a delightful difference, it’s so much more comfortable playing the instrument now!”.

    banjo player from LA, USA

    ”I was amazed at how smooth and comfortable it felt. I didn’t know I needed one until I used it and now I can’t imagine using any other product! So glad I came across your sight, I feel as though it has enhanced my right hand stamina”.

    banjo player from UK


    From James Florczak (Maple Custom)

    From Anthony Sullivan (Mahogany)

    Peter Mečiar (Custom Maple)

    from Olaf Kappetij (Walnut)

    from Lukas Schauber (Custom Maple)

    from Scott McCluskey (Mahogany)

    From Sean Doone (Maple)

    From John Karalekas (Maple)

    From Martin Kubec (Mahogany)

    from Libor Labaj (Walnut)

    from Jim Adams (Mahogany)

    from Debbie Miller (Walnut)

    From Kathy Hanson (Mahogany)

    From Ctirad Staněk (Maple)

    From Stewart Davis (Maple)

    from Bill Owens (Custom Maple)

    from André Van Der Beek (Custom Maple)

    Wade Darnell (Maple Custom)