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“MAINTENANCE KIT FOR DR. ARM ARMRESTS. Keep your wood armrest in good condition.“

Thanks for using our Dr. Arm wood armrest!

Because we treat the surface of our armrests only with natural wax oil, some players may find over time that it becomes less smooth and less comfortable.
….maybe after a year or so of heavy playing!

If you feel that the wood needs a new finish, we recommend that you only use our refinishing kit.

Give the wood a light sanding with sandpaper (correct grade of sandpaper included). Brush off any dust and with a clean cotton cloth apply a thin layer of our oil to the affected areas. After one minute wipe the armrest with a clean cloth and repeat the procedure if needed.

Leave for a few hours until completely dry!

Made in the Europe.

Kit included: natural wax oil for wood, sandpaper
price: $9.90