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Banjolit Necklace


Banjolit is entering into the world of bluegrass fashion with the introduction of a series of hand-made necklaces featuring designs from well-known banjo and mandolin models and our own Banjolit designs.

Our first series are made from Palisander wood with mother-of-pearl inlay, finished with bio Tung oil. All the metal parts including the 50cm (19.69inch) chain are of the finest 925/1000 quality silver.

Hand Made in the Czech Republic, EU.

Includes: wood necklace with silver chain
price: $49


BANJO NECKLACES: celebrate famous old school banjos, like RB3, TB and RB75. Wood part is made from Palisander with size 2.3×2.3cm (0.9×0.9inch)

Banjo Necklace - Wreath
Banjo Necklace - Granada
Banjo Necklace - Flying Eagle
Banjo Wreath Necklace
Banjo Granada Necklace
Banjo Flying Eagle Necklace