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    “NEW WOOD PEDAL BOARD. Ideal for easy travel with your favorite stompboxes and effects or preamps.“

    Thanks for using our Wood Pedal Board!

    Our new Wood Pedal Board is an inexpensive alternative to a costly pedal board for stompboxes, DI, effects, preamps etc. Our board is made from solid plywood with the same finish as used on quality musical instruments.

    The pedal board angle is set at 5° angle for ease of comfort when you step up and activate any of the effects. The legs of the board are made from a hard wood to give added strength and prevent slipping on stage.

    A 50cm roll of 3M black Velcro tape is also included which will hold your devices firmly in place…we tested it for over a year and no movement was experienced.

    Everything securely held and easily transported in a strong aluminium case in a colour of your choice ( green or red).

    Made in the Czech Republic.

    Set included: Wood pedal board, 50cm velcro tape, aluminum case, shoulder strap
    price: $69