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    “BANJO PICKING TRAINER. Practice roll techniques on the road.“

    Designed to give you the same feeling for the strings that you have on your own banjo, our Banjo Picking Trainer lets to practice roll techniques, anywhere and any time…. No banjo required !

    Strings are tensioned using the mini tuners and included hex-key.

    Bridge height is set at normal height but can be adjusted with a small + screwdriver (not provided).

    The Hex key is also used to tighten the screw on the neck strap.

    Made in the Czech Republic, Europe.

    Kit included: picking trainer, hex-key, neck strap, mute and instructions. Strings are already installed (10,11,12,20,10) which you can replace anytime for yours favorite.
    prices start at: $79


    Engraving: Up to three lines of text can be engraved on the front or back, with a maximum of 15 characters (font 20pt); 18 characters (font 17pt); 21 characters (font 15pt), including spaces, per line. (No inappropriate text and an engraved trainer cannot be returned).
    Price: + $10

    Banjo Picking Trainer