The Story of The Banjolit Project

The Banjolit project started in 2013 with two musicians in Slovakia making good quality accessories (especially wood armrests) for themselves. When other musicians saw their work, they asked for armrests to be made for them.

Over time, Banjolit has extended its product range with priority given to assisting musicians play and practice more comfortably with useful and quality accessories. Ideas are shared with professional musicians who then go on to road test each product before being made available for sale.

The Banjolit team remains a close partnership, with the cooperation of other musicians and friends, with the aim of making and supplying quality products to amateur and professional musicians alike, adding to their comfort and ease.

Richard Ciferský

Richard Ciferský

Founder and CEO

Richard is the creator of the Banjolit project. He running the office and our prototypes department. He is an internationally recognized banjo master and composer from Pezinok, Slovak Republic.

Miroslav Durai

Miroslav Durai

Workshop Director

Miroslav’s hands change pieces of wood into works of art. He makes the Dr. Arm, our revolutionarily ergonomic armrest for the modern banjo and mandolin player. He is also the head of Coall company which producing acoustic and el. instruments.

Adam Naništa

Adam Naništa


Adam is a skilled, experienced and creative web designer and writer of code ..his word is final!

Eugene O’Brien

Eugene O’Brien


Eugene is our sounding board for ideas and presentation.

Your ideas are welcome

We welcome any ideas to the table in our search for better solutions for the working musicians and life things.

Banjolit Data Protection Policy

Personal data is collected used and stored is a safe and secure manner. We do not share your addresses and personal data with any other company, organization or individual. Your personal data is only used for shipping your goods (if you make an order) and direct communication with you via email or MailChimp (Newsletter) which is an established mailing application where your email details are secure (You may unsubscribe to it at any time).

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Our Successes

First meeting of banjo-playing friends started the new concept of el.banjo.

Richard and Miroslav started experimenting and producing the first prototypes of wood armrests for bluegrass banjos.

Introduction of the first Dr. Arm Banjo armrest for sale to the public.

Richard travelled to the USA to publicise the products and in August introduced the new Dr. Arm Mandolin armrest to the market.

Production of the Mini and GT armrests for other types of banjos.

Banjolit formally established as a company.

Introducing new Banjolit accessories such as the Banjo Picking Trainer and ergonomically designed leather banjo strap.

Celebrated the new year with a complete remodelling of our workshop in Bratislava and proudly mark our products Made in Slovak Republic.

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Banjo: A Profession and a Pastime

Banjo is a four, five, or (occasionally) a six-stringed instrument with a resonator stretched over a round frame, called the head. The head is typically a piece of animal hide or synthetic material. Early forms of the instrument were fashioned by Africans in North America, and where adapted from African instruments of similar design

We take our Nest to the road as a “Wandering Nest”.

On this page you can find all the information about where we will be so you can try our products.

16. – 17. 6. 2023Banjo Jamboree 2023Čáslav, Czech Republic

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