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“These folks at Banjolit have created a very cool arm rest for you mandolin players. Very comfortable and nice looking too. Classy!”

“After all these years of playing banjo, I didn’t see a need to change armrests, but after I tried Dr. Arm armrest from Banjolit, I knew I wanted one on all of my instruments. I can’t believe how much I love this armrest. Now, the traditional metal armrests feel sticky and cumbersome.”

“I love the Dr. Arm banjo armrest because of how comfortable it feels. Playing the banjo is all about feel, especially when you are performing in different settings. You have to set up the instrument so that everything feels tension-free to play your best. The angle and finish of the Dr. Arm are definitely an improvement on a traditional armrest, which can put stress on your forearm. I dig how these armrests look, but I’m even more into the way they make the instrument feel when I play.”

“I Love my Dr. Arm Armrest! I know its great because most of the time, I don’t even notice it’s there…because it’s so comfortable! Ever since I’ve installed it, I feel like my right hand is better positioned to really dig in to the banjo, rather than have the banjo digging in to my wrist!”

I am so proud to endorse Dr. Arm by Banjolit. This product has been a complete game changer for me & I love it! There are several reasons why I love this product so much! First, with the traditional metal armrest, I developed a divot in my arm where my arm rested on the armrest for many years. Dr. Arm is so smooth and very comfortable, I don’t feel that anymore. Also, being a bluegrass musician, I’m playing a lot of outdoor music festivals where it’s very hot. With Dr. Arm, my arm doesn’t stick to the armrest. Also, I used to get a rash when my arm would sweat. I didn’t realize I had developed a nickel allergy over the years. With this armrest, that has also gone away. This product is amazing & I am going to get one for every banjo I own. You should too!

“The best arm-rest that I have found! Nice looking wood and innovative design – it wraps around the edge of the instrument and feels great on forearm. It keeps the hand off of the instrument, which results in louder and more resonant tone. Thank you, Banjolit!”

I love the armrest, and the workmanship is beautiful.

“At just the reight height, width, and angle, Dr. Arm mandolin armrest put my wrist in the perfect position for effortless playing. Besides the excellent fit and finish, Dr. Arm mandolin armrests are longer than other brands, which makes them super comfortable from E string to G. With lots of color options available, I was able to find armrests that look great on both of my Pava mandolins. I highly recommend Dr. Arm mandolin armrests for comfort, looks, and ease of playing.”

“This Banjolit armrest keeps me looking sharp. It stops me from wearing a hole in both my mandolin and my jackets. In addition, it keeps my arm off the body and hand off the bridge adding volume and resonance to my playing. It’s so comfortable that I often forget it’s there until someone points out how nice it looks.”

“The Dr. Arm armrest feels great, looks great, and in my case (I’m allergic to nickel) it’s truly just what the doctor ordered! Thank you Banjolit for making such a great product.”

“Dr. Arm is the finest armrest I ever used, very beutiful. It helps the correct position of my hand and wrist , a good help against tendinits. Now play is easier!”

“Dr. Arm by Banjolit is one of the best new products to come out for banjo players in a long time! Not only does it provide more comfort while playing, it also is great to look at. I plan on using Dr. Arm from now on and highly recommend it to any fellow banjoists out there!”

“I just love my new Dr. Arm mandolin armrest. Not only the design and touch are great, it also prevents pain in my forearm and makes me lean on the bridge much less. The instrument can thus vibrate more freely which was quite an unexpected effect. Thank you, Banjolit!”

“This is a definite investment for any banjo player. I love my Dr Arm Banjo rest so much! It has become a turning point for me, as I don’t feel that I could change back to a metal armrest any time soon. So smooth and comfortable with a natural and soft finish. I have only ever received compliments from how it looks and not only does it look great, but it also feels great to play with! I can’t recommend it enough, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting developments Banjolit makes in the very near future. I’m a big fan!”

Banjolit Dr. Arm changed my life. I chose the Original Maple Custom model, because for the last two years, I have felt pain in my forearm after a few hours. I didn’t expect I would play all day with no pain, but now I can. The big difference is in the shape and warm wood material, also looks great and installation takes two minutes. I absolutely love and recommend the Banjolit armrest.

Dr. Arm by Banjolit has definitely improved my playing, in terms of comfort, obviously, but it also affected the tone of my instrument because it changes how you physically hold it. It allows you to play stronger, with more attack and definition. If you play Irish music, or dances in general you probably know how important accents are...we can say essential for a good style of playing. Banjolit helps you to go further. Literally.

“Finally was able to fit the armrest today and have a play with it. I do really like it! It definitely is more comfortable to play, I feel like I have more room and don’t have to work as hard!”

The Banjolit armrest helps me with the awareness of my picking hand technique. It’s making my touching point to the mandolin smooth and nice feeling. I can really recommend this piece of excellent craftsmanship!

“Playing with Dr. Arm wooden armrest is far more comfortable than with metal armrest and what is more important is pleasant angle and that I don’t have to think about the tendons pressure and nickel allergies.”

“My black BANJOLIT Dr. Arm ‘Mini’ is slick and comfortable, allowing me to play my best!”

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Arm from Banjolit!! After a two-hour live show on Sessions Live, I can really tell a difference! The old armrest dug into my arm, creating nerve issues after playing a long time. It was exacerbated when I played really fast songs. Being metal, it would also get really cold, which would make my hand go numb after awhile too. With this new armrest though, all of that has completely gone away! I’m so much more relaxed, and I can pay more attention to my technique without having to worry about how my arm feels. I’m completely focused on my hand now. Job well done, Banjolit!!!”

“I love to play my banjo for hours at a time, but my metal armrest would rub my arm red sometimes. This new wooden armrest from Banjolit doesn’t do that. It’s insanely comfortable and looks amazing! It’s even simple to install. Banjolit has changed my world for the better!”

"I never knew how much I needed Dr. Arm until I switched over. The comfort and quality of this upgrade makes playing so much easier and enjoyable. The stain selection let me style my armest to my banjos color, and is simply stunning. All of my banjos from now on will be fitted with Dr. Arm Armrests!"

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