Backoder of Banjolit items

We are working toward better efficiency, productivity, and management of our work schedule.

Starting from January 2022 we changed the way of manufacturing.

In our e-shop there are two stock update options you can see:

In stock

The selected item is currently in stock ready for immediate shipping.

Available on backorder

The selected item is currently out of stock, however, you can place an order and we will put the item into the next batch of manufacturing.

Please allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks to complete your order.

Backorders help us to maintain effective manufacture, keep a sustainable path (we purchase only necessary amounts of the wood), and help to develop new products.

Each Dr. Arm armrest has unique details due to the character of the wood we use. Usually, we manufacture a few pieces. Right after the next batch of armrests is ready, we will send you a photo of all available pieces. You can choose the best one for you.

We are very excited to bring new products to you, evolve our manufacture, transform the system of workflow, and smarten up communication within the team and especially with you, our customers.

Thanks for your patience, and take care!

Banjolit Team

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