Banjo Leather Strap – Custom

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Banjolit Custom Leather Banjo Strap has the same wider section as the Special strap, but it is customized for those players who have a large collarbone. We have shaped the bend so that it is straighter at the front to take the weight and pressure of the collarbone. To get the best fit you should make sure that the wider section is in the correct place and then set up the banjo position.

Comfort leather strap for your shoulder.

Package includes: strap, antique brass chicago screws

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Banjolit leather straps are ideal for comfort playing without the pain. All Banjolit banjo straps are 3.5mm thick and made from “double bend” leather cut from the highest quality part of the skin. Manufactured to our specifications with traditional and natural tanning techniques.

Sourced in the Czech Republic, Europe.

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Weight206 g
Dimensions1780 × 70 × 3.005 mm


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Richard’s Straps Ideas

“Over the 20 years that I have been playing banjo I have always wanted to find a good strap that would help me play with greater comfort and reduce the ache on my shoulder. Not finding anything that suits me I have designed my own, all-leather, banjo strap to give me everything that I have been looking for. After a six months of testing the prototypes, we at Banjolit are proud to introduce three different sizes to fit different shoulder shapes. You can choose from Special, Custom or Classic design. Play more comfortable with Banjolit products.”

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