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Our Banjo Picking Trainer is intended for players who would like to practice roll techniques when it is not possible to use their real banjo. Strings are already installed (10,11,12,20,10) which you can replace anytime for yours favorite.

Wood banjo picking trainer with nitro finish.

Kit includes: picking trainer, banjolit pouch, hex-key, neck strap, mute and instructions.


Designed to give you the same feeling for the strings that you have on your own banjo. Banjolit Banjo Picking Trainer lets you practice roll techniques, anywhere and any time…. No banjo required! Strings are tensioned using the mini tuners and included hex-key. Bridge height is set at normal height but you can adjust it with a small + screwdriver (not provided). The Hex key is also used to tighten the screw on the neck strap.

Made in the Slovak Republic, Europe.

Additional information

Weight392 g
Dimensions240 × 160 × 60 mm

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  1. John R Donaldson

    Excellent for anytime practicing and familiarizing roll techniques. Very well made and durable product.

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